4 Awesome Drone Videos of Brockville Ontario

We all know how beautiful Brockville is, especially downtown in the summertime. These drone videos show us how beautiful the city really is from above.

It is no surprise that most of these drone videos are focused on the downtown core. Downtown is a hot spot for tourists and the St Lawrence is always photogenic.

1. Drone footage of the Brockville Rails to Trails Festival

Remember when the giant duck came to Brockville? This video shows the Rails to Trails festival during the day and at night. Look how awesome the city looks at night with the lit up duck and the fair!

2. Watch as the sun sets along the shores of the St. Lawrence

Take a sunset drone tour from the water tower all the way down around Blockhouse Island and the Tallships building.

3. A View From The Sky

Whats better than a drone trip by some sailboats on the St. Lawrence River? Check out how high this drone goes around the 1:37 marker.

4. Eery Drone Flight over downtown Brockville

Here is a video of downtown during the winter time, lots of cool shots of the cool river. The view at 2:40 is super cool as well!